2018 - 2019 Executive board

Karen Madison, Cowley County | President
Janet Hale, Meade County | Vice president
Janet Klasinski, Leavenworth County | Secretary
Tina Spencer, Marion County | Treasurer

Constitution and bylaws

The constitution and bylaws committee is responsible for reviewing the governing documents of the association, drafting any necessary changes and bringing them to a vote for adoption. 

Kendell Mason, Bourbon County
Linda Goodrich, Wichita County
Melissa Gormley, Brown County
Pam Carrion, Haskell County
Julie Heck, Anderson County
Shelly Vopat, Ellsworth County

Donna Zimmerman, Barton County (chair)
Lori Augustine, Trego County (vice-chair)
Hollie Melroy, McPherson County
Shelly Holaday, Gove County
Gina Shuette, Edwards County
Heather Bracht, Sheridan County
Jerri Young, Greeley County


The education committee coordinates the clerk's certification institute and continuing education in partnership with Wichita State University. 

Peggy Franklin, Doniphan County
Randall Neely, Neosho County
Renee Kerr, Ness County
Robert Wyatt, Norton County
Shella Thoman, Cloud County
Sherry Kruse, Pratt County
Stephanie Benzel, Lane County


Tammy Vopat, Lyon County (chair)
Tina Spencer, Marion County (vice-chair)
Corinne Baldwin, Rush County
David Lamb, Linn County
Scott Houtman, Cheyenne County
Denise Julien, Woodson County
Don Engels, Butler County
Jana Jenkinson, Kearny County
Michelle Phillips, Atchison County


The election committee formulates policy and education for election-related topics. Members also work with the Secretary of State's office and legislative committee on any election legislative initiatives. 

Kayla Wang, Clay County
Rebecca Bossemeyer, Geary County
Rhonda Willard, Wilson County
Rich Vargo, Riley County
Ruth Searight, Pawnee County
Debbie Cox, Ford County
Shelly Harms, Thomas County
Stacia Long, Seward County
Tabitha Lehman, Sedgwick County                                                                 Vienna Janis, Osborne County

Rick Piepho, Harvey County (chair)
Don Pyle, Crawford County (vice-chair)
Andrew Howell, Shawnee County
Angie Kirchner, Coffee County
Ronnie Metsker, Johnson County
Bruce Newby, Wyandotte County
Chris Treaster, Mitchell County
Crystal Rucker, Logan County
Karen Madison, Cowley County
Sherrie Riebel, Allen County


The legislative committee is tasked with proposing and monitoring any legislation not dealing with elections. 

John Bartolac, Johnson County
Linda Buttron, Jefferson County
Mary Nuss, Russell County
Michelle Garrett, Morris County
Rachel Finley, Rawlins County
Rick Piepho, Harvey County
Rodney Edmondson, Cherokee County                                                     
Sarah Rains, Hodgeman County

Sonya Stohs, Marshall County (chair)
Jamie Shew, Douglas County (vice-chair)
Alice Brokofsky, Scott County
Ashley Rogers, Gray County
Connie Pretzer, Chase County
Dawn Harlow, Lincoln County
Debra Norris, Sumner County
Donna Patton, Reno County
Janet Paddock, Franklin County                                                                         Janet White, Miami County

Public relations

The public relations committee promotes a better public understanding of what county clerks and election officials do. This is achieved through news releases and directing the design and information of this website. 

Jacalyn Mai, Wallace County
Jennifer Savage, Wabaunsee County
Kristi Cooper, Kiowa County
Mary Arganbright, Ottawa County
Nita Keenan, Stafford County
Peggy Minor, Labette County

Alica Showalter, Rice County (chair)
Carla Waugh, Jewell County (vice-chair)
Amy Jo Tharp, Stevens County                                                                           Anita Garcia, Finney County
Charlotte Scott, Montgomery County
Gina Castillo, Morton County


The scholarship committee develops policies and regulations for the annual scholarship program. Members of this committee also review and make selections from the applicants in order to award the scholarships. 

Kelly Arnold, Sedgwick County
Linda McDowell, Phillips County
Mary Kay Schultejans, Nemaha County
Nancy McCarter, Pottawatomie County
Rebecca Mishler, Clark County
Rhonda Beets, Osage County
Sandy Barton, Stanton County
Sharon Wolters, Smith County
Sheila Brown, Grant County
Kerry Harrod, Elk County                                                                             Ruthmary Muir, Rooks County

Donna Maskus, Ellis County (chair)
Carol Noblit, Kingman County (vice-chair)
Beth Bayne, Comanche County
Barbara Jones, Dickinson County
Diana Svanda, Washington County                                                                     Jana Irby, Graham County
Janet Hale, Meade County
Niki Collier, Chautauqua County
Kathleen Marsicek, Republic County
Kathy Robinson, Greenwood County                                                                 Kathy Mick, Jackson County

Clerk standards/job descriptions

The clerk standards committee maintains the standards documents and job descriptions, which contain policies, procedures and information adopted by the association. 

Ruth Elliott, Harper County
Nora Urban, Decatur County
Cyndi Beck, Shawnee County
Debbie Wesley, Barber County

Jamie Doss, Saline County (chair)
Sherrie L. Riebel, Allen County (vice-chair)
Angie Mosier, Hamilton County
Ashley Mannis, Sherman County
Bridgette Cobbins, Wyandotte County

Conference planning

The conference planning committee works to plan all aspects of the association's annual KCCEOA Conference.  The committee is made up of the current executive board, any past president of the association who wish to participate, all committee chairs and any appointees of the president.

ELVIS administrative

The ELVIS administrative committee works with the Secretary of State to set policy and make decisions that affect ELVIS, the statewide voter registration database in Kansas. 

Rebecca Bossemeyer, Geary County
Rich Vargo, Riley County
Ronnie Metsker, Johnson County
Tabitha Lehman, Sedgwick County
Tina Spenser, Marion County

Rick Piepho, Harvey County (chair)
Jamie Shew, Douglas County (chair)
Andrew Howell, Shawnee County
Donna Zimmerman, Barton County
Lori Augustine, Trego County